Bredeschool overvecht

The Brede School Overvecht focuses on developing children's skills across various domains (social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative) both within and outside school. Together with parents, the Broad School motivates children, following, encouraging, and supporting their broad development in education and beyond.

Brede School Overvecht consists of all 11 primary schools in Overvecht, along with Spelenderwijs, Ludens, UCK, and Wijk&Co. The school focuses on three pillars: parental involvement, Peaceful Neighborhood initiatives, and talent development, including the Music Route.

Talent Development

Children explore various disciplines to discover their interests and talents, aligned with community needs. This includes sports, arts and culture, nature, technology, and ICT. Broad School partners collaborate with parents to guide children towards clubs and associations, ensuring alignment between extracurricular and in-school learning while meeting educational objectives.

Peaceful Neighborhood

Partners and parents within the Peaceful Neighborhood initiative connect children's home, school, and community environments. This fosters a positive neighborhood climate, nurturing children into democratic citizens by empowering them with responsibility, community engagement, conflict resolution skills, and diversity appreciation.

Parental Involvement

In Utrecht Overvecht, parents, Broad School partners, and the community collectively support each child's development and their future societal roles. This collaborative effort ensures parental engagement across all broad school themes, providing educational support to children. Professionals across disciplines operate under this inclusive approach, fostering a welcoming environment for all.

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