Peaceful School

At Marcus School, we emphasize teaching skills such as openness and engagement in a multicultural society to your child through various initiatives:

1. Following the program of the Peaceful School and training children in grades 6, 7, and 8 to become mediators.
2. Incorporating the additional component of "democratic citizenship" from the Peaceful School in upper grades, including group meetings.
3. Participating in and contributing to the Peaceful Neighborhood of Overvecht. Each school year, we train neighborhood mediators (students from grade 8).
4. Involving students in the Children's Council.
5. Undertaking actions as part of the Peaceful Neighborhood initiative, such as activities in nursing homes and fostering connections with local residents.
6. Discussing rules, values, and norms across all grade levels and holding children accountable for their behavior.
7. Assigning tasks and responsibilities to children to promote leadership skills.
8. Inviting entrepreneurs, volunteers, and community organizations to engage with the school.
9. Encouraging children to become library members and visit the library.
10. Teaching the topic of Government and Democracy in the upper grades.

These efforts aim to foster a sense of citizenship and civic responsibility among our students, preparing them to actively participate in and contribute to a diverse society.